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Tis the Season...

For Christmas Cards!

I'm offering last year's Christmas card designs for just $1!


Yep, the digital download package is ready to be downloaded, printed, and sent out to bring smiles to friends and family this holiday season.

You can print them yourselves or have them professionally printed elsewhere.

What's inside the digital package?

Cute watercolor chickens, a sweet cow, and an adorable (and tangled up) goat. Oh, you mean the files...

The ZIP file contains:

3 Tiff files of the greeting card images

3 JPEG files of the cards in an easy to print and trim format for 5x7 cards

You may print them yourself or have them printed professionally as many times as you'd like. You may decorate with them, send them to family or friends, make a craft with them... anything that is for personal use.

What you may NOT do is resell them. That's just not fair.

More information can be found on the listing, and if you have any other questions just let me know.

You can purchase through the Buy Now link below or you can head over to my shop.

Merry Christmas!

- Jessica

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