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Freebie Alert! Watercolor Owl Feather Outline

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is the outline for my great horned owl feather watercolor tutorial(ish) video on YouTube. If you don't want to sketch your own outline, or you just want to make sure you got the proportions right, feel free to download and print it onto your own paper.

If you stumbled over here attracted by a free feather outline, that's okay too. Feel free to download and print it. ...But maybe check out the video and give me a thumbs up as a thank you. ;) Video can be found here --> (publishing date 8-23-22 at 2pm cst)

I recommend printing directly onto watercolor paper if you can, but you can also print it onto regular paper and transfer it over.

What!? How do I transfer it?

A cool trick is to hold the paper up on a window so you can see through it and trace the feather on the back side of the paper pretty heavily with your pencil. Then you can lay it on your watercolor paper (pencil outline touching the watercolor paper) and transfer the pencil outline to your watercolor paper by coloring along the lines on the front side. It'll transfer your sketch onto your watercolor paper.

You could also similarly transfer it with tracing paper.

Just click on the image below to print it. You can also right click and save it onto your computer. Use the outline to follow my video, or just color it, paint it, let your kids color it, print it again if you mess up... there's no limit.

free great horned owl feather outline for painting

I'd love to see what you did with it! Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube, or you can tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Have fun!

- Jessica

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